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Typical Ceiling Repairs in Geelong

Water Damage Ceiling Repairs Geelong VIC

Perhaps the most common form of ceiling damage experienced by Geelong residents is water damaged ceilings and the associated damage to cornices and wall because of a ceiling leak.

Brown staining, discolouration and water marks, mould, peeling paint and of course dripping water are all indications of a water damaged ceiling. When you notice these signs it’s best to call a roof plumber right away and stop the cause of the leak. Then you’ll need a plasterer to come in and repair your water damaged ceiling. Water damaged ceilings are one of the most common plaster repair services in Geelong. 

Ceiling water damage repair cost

The cost to repair a water damaged ceiling in Geelong will depend on the extent of the damage. If your after competitive pricing on the plaster repair then it’s best to address the situation early. If prompt action is taken the damaged section of plasterboard can be cut out and a plasterboard patch can be used to cover the hole. This work can be carried out at a reasonable price. If left too long or if exposed to significant volumes of water, then adjoining walls and cornices may also need to be replaced in addition to replacing the water damaged ceiling, leading to more expensive repair costs.

Check with your home insurance company to check if you’re fully insured for water damage repairs. Chances the actual cost to repair the water damaged ceiling is minimal if you’ve got the right cover.

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Sagging Ceiling Repair

Sagging ceilings is another common problem many Geelong homeowners face. 

Vibrations from garage roller doors, shifting foundations, water damage, termites and general age of the building are all possible causes of a sagging plasterboard ceiling. If your home’s ceiling is beginning to sag, it’s best to address the problem right away.

A sagging ceiling means that the fasteners and or adhesive holding the ceiling in place have been compromised and are no longer performing their intended function. As the weight of the ceiling is concentrated on the remaining sections of plasterboard it increases the likelihood that the ceiling will collapse, damaging the contents of the room and possibly causing injury to occupants inside.

Put your mind at ease and ensure the safety of your property by calling the plasterboard ceiling repair specialists at Plasterer Geelong for an obligation free quote to fix your ceiling.

Ceiling Crack Repairs

Does your property have cracked ceiling?

Ceiling cracks can occur for a number of reasons. Cracks can be purely cosmetic and only present a minor issue. Poor quality workmanship and poor-quality products or building age are all factors that can cause ceiling cracks to appear. Truss uplift and re-stumping are two common causes for larger ceiling cracks appearing in your home.

Some cracks are easy to fix, others can present quite the challenge.  When it comes to repairing cracked ceilings it’s best to get an experienced plasterer in to fix ceiling cracks in your home. A good plasterer will repair the cracks so that they disappear once painted. Patching over cracks is one of the most common plaster repair services we offer in Geelong.

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Types of Ceilings We Repair

lathe and plaster ceiling repairs Geelong

Plaster Ceiling Repairs

Many older style homes in Geelong feature lathe and plaster ceilings which require greater experience and skill to repair. Whether you need to replaster one section of the ceiling or need to replaster the entire ceiling we’re the local replaster ceiling specialists.

Alternatively you can construct a suspended ceiling underneath the damaged ceiling.

Call today to discuss your options and to arrange a free quote on all your regular gyprock ceiling or lathe and plaster repairs. 

We service the greater Geelong area including the suburbs right up to Werribee and Altona in Melbourne’s western suburbs and right down to Ocean Grove and Torquay on the Surf Coast. 

So if you’re in need of a plasterer for your ceiling repair job then contact us today!


plasterboard ceiling repairs Geelong

Plasterboard Ceiling Repairs

Most modern homes and commercial spaces around Geelong and down the surf coast feature plasterboard ceilings, also known as dry wall ceilings. In addition to all the common ceiling problems mentioned previously plasterboard ceilings are also prone to holes. Some common causes of ceiling holes include

  • Changing ceiling mounted fixtures (lights, heating & cooling vents, exhaust fan etc)
  • Accidental damage from working in roof cavity
  • Accidental damage from moving large furniture

So, if you want your ceiling expertly patched up to the point where the hole is invisible after painting then all you need to do is give us a buzz and we’ll take care of you.

With over 30 years of experience you can trust we’ll do an excellent job.


commercial ceiling repairs Geelong VIC

Commercial Ceiling Repairs Geelong

Looking for commercial ceiling repair near me? Look no further! Based in Geelong, Victoria, we provide comprehensive commercial plastering services including commercial ceiling repairs. Whether you own a café, office space, retail store or medical clinic if your ceiling needs to be fixed then we’re the ceiling fixers you’re looking for.

Whether you have the older style lathe and plaster ceilings, modern plasterboard ceilings or have suspended ceiling tiles. When it comes to any type of ceiling repairs in Geelong VIC, we’re the one to call. We can repair any unsightly water damage, fix sagging ceiling, patch up any ceiling’s cracks, repair holes left from changing light fixtures or moving air con vents etc., and replace tile ceilings. Rest easy knowing the ceiling repair job will be by our professional team and completed on time and to a high standard such that you’ll never even notice it was fixed!

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Cornice repairs Geelong VIC

Cornices can crack, sag, or detach from your ceiling, especially when there has been a ceiling leak in your home. Sometimes cornices can be repaired with plaster, other times cornice replacement is required. At Plasterer Geelong we have experience repairing and replacing all sorts of cornices from standard cornices found in new homes to decorative ornamental cornices often found in older heritage style homes. 

With over 30 years of experience you can trust we’ll do an excellent job.

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Cornice repair Geelong

Ceiling Replacement Geelong VIC

We do our best to repair all ceilings to a functional and aesthetically pleasing state however sometimes the damage is beyond repair. We remove your old, damaged ceiling and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner and replace it with a brand-new ceiling complete with cornices of your choice.

Under certain circumstances homeowners have the option to construct a new suspended ceiling (also known as false ceilings) underneath the old ceiling. Doing so saves time and money removing the old ceiling. Give us a call and talk us through your situation and see if this is a viable option for you. 

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