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    Gyprock Installation in Geelong VIC

    Drywall, plasterboard, gypsum board, gyprock whatever you want to call it we’re the professionals to call for prompt communication, outstanding service, and quality installation.

    Common plasterboard installation projects in Geelong include:

    • building a partition wall
    • lining a garage
    • renovation on an existing house
    • building an extension
    • constructing a new house
    • commercial fitouts

    Whatever the situation if you need plasterboard installed we’re the local plasterers you can count on for all your plasterboard installation and plaster repair needs. Give us a call today free quote on your plasterboard installation project. 

    Drywall Installation Geelong

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    We install all kinds of drywall products

    One of the great features of drywall is that it comes in many different varieties to suit a range of different applications including but not limited to:

    Waterproof Plasterboard

    For all residential and commercial wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets, laundries, kitchens, ensuites, and enclosed external ceilings like verandas.

    Soundproof Plasterboard

    The perfect solution for a home theatre, home offices, nurseries, bedrooms, laundries, musical practise rooms, and ceilings between stories of a multistorey home.

    Fire Resistant Plasterboard

    For commercial applications where there is an increased risk of fire danger. 

    Impact Resistant Plasterboard

    Perfect for commercial applications and gymnasiums where there is heavy traffic and higher likelihood of bumps and knocks from persons, trolleys, sporting equipment etc.

    For All Your Gyprock Installation Needs

    Whether you want to gyprock a garage or an entire house

    We’re the experienced plasterers you can rely on for quality gyprock installation across Geelong.

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    Bulkhead Construction  Geelong

    Bulkheads are segments of the building’s ceiling which step down from the surrounding ceiling surface. They’re often constructed to hide utilities such as air conditioning vents, extraction fan vents, electrical cables, pipes etc.

    They also used as an aesthetic feature in modern homes to add style and flair to an otherwise bland ceiling.

    Looking to have a bulkhead constructed in your home in Geelong? Give us a call and get a free quote today!

    bulkhead construction Geelong

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