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Our Professional Plastering Services in Geelong

Plasterboard Installation

  • We install plasterboards for new builds as well as renovations
  • Plasterboard ceiling construction
  • We install and repair plasterboard partition walls
  • Depending on the need, we install fire rated plasterboard installation and wet area plasterboard installation

Ceiling Repair

We repair ceilings.

  • We offer: water damaged ceiling repair in Geelong, cracked ceiling repairs, ornamental and decorative ceiling repairs.
  • Is your ceiling sagging? We fix that. Our ceiling repair services include sagging plasterboard ceiling repair.
  • We also offer ceiling resurfacing across Geelong.

Plasterboard Wall Repair

We accept projects both big and small, our common plaster repair job is to fix plasterboard walls.

We repair cracked plaster, gyprock repair Geelong, water damaged wall repair

Other plaster repair services include cornice installation and repair.

Solid Plastering

Whether your seeking a higher end, more durable finish to your home or wanting to restore the unique character of an older heritage home you’ll need to enagage the services of a knowledgable, experienced tradesperson who is skilled with the technique of solid plastering

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Plasterer Geelong

From minor wall repairs to Gyprocking a whole home extension,

we’ve got Geelong’s plastering needs covered! 

Suspended Ceiling

Also known as dropped ceiling and false ceilings, they are a renovator’s delight. The benefits of installing a suspended ceiling include:

  • ability to hide utilities such as electrical wiring and plumbing
  • cover vermiculite ceiling
  • improved insulation
  • improved accousitics

Gyprock Plasterer

Gyprock is synonymous with the plastering trade. “Gyprocking” has even become a verb! Our Gyprocking services include:

  • Gyprock Installation
  • Gyprock Repairs: Gyprock wall and ceiling repair and resurfacing

We also do squareset plastering in Geelong.

Vermiculite Ceiling Removal

  • Also known as ‘popcorn ceiling’, potentially containing asbestos that’s why a lot of these ceilings are removed or covered. Instead of removing the ceiling you can construct a false ceiling underneath.

Bulkhead Construction

Whether for design and aesthetics or functionality, bulkheads in the kitchen area are really popular in Geelong, and we build them! 

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