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    Suspended Ceiling Plastering Geelong VIC

    Suspended ceilings also known as drop ceilings, floating ceilings, or false ceilings are essentially a ceiling which is constructed beneath an existing ceiling. There are different types of suspended ceilings but most common are suspended drywall ceilings or suspended ceiling tiles which are common in many offices, retail, and other commercial spaces.

    We can install the plasterboard for a variety of suspended ceiling systems.

    Please note: we don’t do the framing, just the plasterboard installation.

    Suspended Ceiling Geelong VIC

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    For All Your Suspended Ceiling Needs

    Whether you want to install a suspended ceiling in just one room or the entire house. 

    We’re the experienced plasterers you can rely on for quality suspended ceiling installations across Geelong.

    Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling

    Reduced Energy Bills

    Avoid high energy bills from heating large volumes of empty space. Suspended ceilings keep heat stays near the occupants instead of rising up into the top of the excessively high ceilings.


    Cover Utilities

    Airconditioning ducts, electrical cables, plumbing pipes all these utilities can be hidden above the suspended ceiling.

    Install downlights

    For some appartment owners or owners with asbestos ceilings sometimes it’s more cost effective to construct a false ceiling below the existing one so that downlights and other fixtures can be installed.

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