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Plasterboard Wall Repair Geelong

Gyprock Wall repairs

Plasterboard also commonly referred to as Gyprock, after a leading manufacturer of plasterboard, is the most common building material used to line walls and ceilings in properties across Geelong and Australia. Being cheap, lightweight, and easy to work with, amongst a raft of other benefits you can understand why it’s a popular choice.

Unfortunately, plasterboard has some downsides in that it gets damaged relatively easily. The good news is that plasterboard wall repairs are quick and simple if you know what you’re doing! We can perform a range of plaster repairs to fix any damage your walls have been subjected to including but not limited to:   



wall crack repairs

Wall Crack Repairs

Cracks in plaster walls are a common occurence and usually occur as a result of movement in the buildings fouundations or blunt force being applied to the wall. Covering cracks in plaster walls may seem easy enough to do DIY, however if a quality finish is what your seeking make sure you hire the professionals at Plasterer Geelong!

hole in wall repair Geelong VIC

Hole in Wall Repairs

Accidents can happen at any time. Whether your moving furniture or the kids are playing cricket inside the house, plasterboard walls are prone to getting holes. Patching holes in plaster, and fixing holes in walls is a job we regularly do. We can get in there and quickly fix the hole so much so that it’ll be unnoticeable once painted!


water damage wall Geelong

Water Damaged Walls Geelong

Ceiling leaks can quickly escalate and cause significant water damaged to adjoining walls. Sometimes the damage occurs gradually over time going unnoticed until you see brown staining and discolouration, or paint peeling or even mould growth. These are all indicators that your property needs water damage wall repair.

Solid Plaster Repair Geelong

In addition to repairing plasterboard walls we also repair solid plaster too. So if you’re renovating an older home with solid lathe and plaster walls you can count on us for the experience, skill and expertise to repair all types of solid plaster walls. Whether it’s a small section you need repaired or an entire house you want plastered we’re the go to local Geelong plasterers!

Solid plaster repairs near Geelong

For All Your Wall Repair Needs

Whether you want to repair a single hole in a gyprock wall or replace an entire section of water damaged wall. 

We’re the experienced plasterers you can rely on for quality wall repairs across Geelong.

Renovation Plastering Geelong

Over time plasterboard and other interior wall materials can deteriorate especially when there is movement in the foundations of a house such as with lots of rain or drought or even due to poor drainage. With movement in the foundations of a house, the materials in a house allow for a small amount of movement without compromising the structural integrity of the wall or ceiling however some movement will evidently show on the walls with cracks, both big and small.

We can repair those cracks if they meet a certain criteria. As the home owner we advise that the root of the problem whether it be drainage or gutters that aren’t working well, they need to be addressed before we get in to patch the plaster. This is to save you money because if we fix it, it is a band-aid fix if the root of the problem is not addressed and you will end up in the same position later down the track.



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